Neue Spieler


Thank you for selecting us in helping you start to fulfill your ambitions of playing rugby by finding yourself on our site.

We are a young club with members coming from all over the world, Australia, Argentina, Malay China, France, Holland, Italy, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, South Africa, United States and of course Deutschland.

As rugby has once again been selected as an Olympic sport, the interest shown here in the game has begun to increase dramatically.

A statistic not many people are aware of is that Deutschland once won an Olympic silver medal (coming second to France) in the 1900 Olympics.

The current gold medal holders are the USA and they have been holding on since 1924. Bet you didn’t know that!.

With the recent surge of interest in rugby here in Deutschland, especially the Bavaria region which once boasted 16 rugby clubs before the war, we find that a lot of new-found interest in people who come along to “test the ground” quickly transforms into new players.

In addition to new players reading this, I would like to stretch the rugby hand out to those of you who have previous rugby experience that would also like to take on a coaching role, as we can and would certainly accommodate your enthusiasm and knowledge.

To quote one player at the club,
“I am 28 years old. Why wasn’t I playing this game years ago?”

At Studentenstadt we will give you as much training and supervision as we possibly can to enable you to begin a new sporting life – possibly even a new career – where you will make lifelong friends and become a member of the world wide rugby family.

I know that you will enjoy your time with us, so do yourself a favor and “play rugby”. Don’t leave it too late as others have, because now you have the opportunity.


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